Autostart is wedded to total quality management (TQM), the parlance for perfection in the present era of fast moving industry and commerce.

This inherent heritage envelops the entire work culture in the company. This philosophy of utmost customer-satisfaction has been kept aloft by the team of dedicated engineers and technicians at the production line by their commitment to TQM.
As per specified norms for the OEMs, Autostart has CAD/CAM processes and special testing kits to monitor a product at every stage, right from the procurement of raw materials from vendors. Random sampling is a routine with no room for compromise. Thus the standard of every product has been maintained.

Depending on the ultimate application of each product, Autostart has set parameters of analysis, testing and quality planning which cover these aspects:

  • Failure Mode
  • Effect Analysis
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Statistical Process Controls
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Input & Output Ratings
  • Fail-proof Safety of Products and Gadgets

To top it all, trouble shooting under various and critical circumstances, has assured the objective of TQM.

  • Testing & Validations

    The quality of the products is in line with the prestigious ISO standards with highest prominence given to the company’s customer centric policies.

    Every product is tested by computer controlled process, gauges and analysers for its reliability, durability and performance under varied situations. Facilities exist for both non-destructive and destructive tests of a product on revving engines to ascertain its consistency and life. Based on these findings, the circuit and composition of a product is upgraded. The Test laboratory is equipped with systems for simulated conditions of complex nature and also to suit the customer’s specifications.

  • Random test of products at assembly/manufacture stages and also in the packing/dispatch bay and Energy Audit are among the other notable landmarks in the history of Autostart.

With these highpoints in its saga, Autostart is poised to achieve year-on-year growth rate of double digit and emerge as a leader in the Indian market of auto electrical parts.