Autostart prioritizes achieving the highest quality standards by embracing Total Quality Management (TQM) principles

Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians upholds the philosophy of ultimate customer satisfaction through our unwavering commitment to Total Quality Management (TQM). From rigorous inspections of raw materials to employing CAD/CAM processes and specialized testing kits at every stage, we ensure all products meet the OEM standards. Random sampling is an integral part of this process, leaving no room for compromises.

Depending on the ultimate application of each product, Autostart has set parameters of analysis, testing and quality planning which cover these aspects:

  • Failure Mode
  • Effect Analysis
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Statistical Process Controls
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Input & Output Ratings
  • Fail-proof Safety of Products and Gadgets

To top it all, trouble shooting under various and critical circumstances, has assured the objective of TQM.

  • Testing & Validations

    Autostart prioritizes exceeding the highest ISO standards, ensuring products that meet rigorous customer-centric quality policies.

    Every component undergoes comprehensive testing with computer-controlled processes, gauges, and analyzers. This testing, including both non-destructive and destructive methods on revving engines, verifies reliability, durability, and performance under diverse conditions. Based on these results, we continuously improve product design and composition. Our state-of-the-art testing laboratory simulates complex real-world scenarios and caters to specific customer requirements.

  • Random test of products at assembly/manufacture stages and also in the packing/dispatch bay and Energy Audit are among the other notable landmarks in the history of Autostart.

Leveraging these strengths, Autostart is positioned for double-digit year-on-year growth, solidifying its leadership role in the Indian auto electrical parts market.