Product Range

Almost all these products have earned recognition, at par with standards of certification prescribed by prestigious national and global agencies.

The company has ushered an innovative range of products

  • Starter Motors

    0.8 KW to 8.2 KW adaptable for Lucas, Bosch, Delco Remy, Mitsubishi etc.

  • Alternators

    27 AMPS to 90 AMPS with External and Internal Fan

  • Dynamos

    11 AMS to 30 AMPS adaptable for Lucas, Bosch, and Hitachi

  • Armatures

    200 types of Armatures for gear reduction, pre engaged and heavy duty Starters. The dia of case varies from 50 MM to 105 MM

  • Drive Assembly

    Manufacturing Starter Drive of more than 250 different types ranging from 0.8 KW to 8.2 KW starters.

  • Field Coils

    Manufacturing Field Coils in a range of 0.8 KW Starters adaptable for Lucas, Bosch, Delco Remy etc

  • Solenoid Switches

    125 different types of Switches which includes Bulk Head, Pre Engaged and Co-axial applications

  • Rotors

    Suitable and duly balanced for alternators ranging from 22 to 130 AMP, available with internal and external fan alternators.

  • Stators

    50 varieties of Stators in a varied range of 35 AMP to AMP. Core dia ranging from 108 MM to 180 MM