Supplementing the infrastructure, Autostart has latest automatic CNC machines for Grinding, Turning, Forming, Milling

Wire Cutting, Impregnation and Soldering to ensure flawless processes of manufacture.

For optimum production the Tool Room and Machine Shop function with reverse engineering competencies for strategic and competitive benefits. Both the Tool Room and Machine Shop manned by qualified technical experts have comprehensive capacity for the development and manufacture of new specialised tools, jigs and fixtures. The in-house Tooling and Testing of a product at every stage of development and manufacturing have given Auto Start an upper hand in maintaining matchless precision and quality.

  • Autostart's in-house Tool Room and Machine Shop, staffed by skilled technicians, offer reverse engineering capabilities for strategic advantage. They develop and manufacture specialized tools, jigs, and fixtures, enabling in-house tooling and testing throughout production. This ensures exceptional precision and quality control at every stage.

    Product development is Autostart's core strength. A dedicated team of automotive engineers uses in-depth knowledge for extensive research, design, prototyping, and customization, ensuring precise specifications. Aided by CAD and a Quality Control Lab, the R&D team guarantees the production of reliable, durable, and high-quality products.

    Continuous training through seminars and refresher courses keeps our engineers at the forefront of technology. We also leverage the Poka-Yoke system, ensuring consistent quality from design to assembly. This commitment allows Autostart India's dedicated team, led by qualified engineers, to deliver innovative and cost-effective products that meet the highest quality standards.

  • Refresher courses for the engineers and technicians as well as their frequent participation in national and international seminars have lent them an exposure to the most recent technological developments.

    Self-certifying systems right from the design stage to assembly are based on the globally accepted concept of the Japanese Poka-yoke. This integrated approach has leveraged our commitment to achieve and maintain high standards of reliability in production.

    With dedicated manpower, guided by a team of qualified expert engineers, Autostart India has been delivering cost effective products of highest quality with innovative designs.